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【 Applied Economics 】 ( 应用经济学 )

A program that focuses on the application of economic principles and analytical techniques to the study of particular industries, activities, or the exploitation of particular resources. Includes instruction in economic theory; microeconomic analysis and modeling of specific industries, commodities; the economic consequences of resource allocation decisions; regulatory and consumer factors; and the technical aspects of specific subjects as they relate to economic analysis.


Compliance Managers(合规性管理)
Economics Teachers, Postsecondary(经济学教师,高等教育)
Investment Fund Managers(投资基金经理)
Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists(市场研究分析师和营销专家)
Regulatory Affairs Managers(规管事务经理)
Survey Researchers(调查研究员)
Wind Energy Project Managers(风能项目经理)
Budget Analysts(预算分析家)
Buyers and Purchasing Agents, Farm Products(采购商和采购商,农产品)
Chief Executives(行政首长)
Credit Analysts(信誉分析家)
Education Administrators, Elementary and Secondary School(教育管理员,小学和中学)
Elementary School Teachers, Except Special Education(小学教师,除特殊教育)
Farm and Home Management Advisors(农场和家庭管理顾问)
Financial Analysts(金融分析师)
Financial Examiners(财务检查师)
Instructional Coordinators(教育协调员)
Insurance Sales Agents(保险销售代理)
Kindergarten Teachers, Except Special Education(幼儿园教师,除特殊教育)
Operations Research Analysts(运筹分析人员)
Public Relations Specialists(公共关系专家)
Purchasing Managers(采购经理)
Real Estate Sales Agents(房地产销售代理)
Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Technical and Scientific Products(销售代表,批发和制造,技术和科学产品)
Wholesale and Retail Buyers, Except Farm Products(批发和零售采购商,除农产品)
Administrative Services Managers(行政服务经理)
Advertising Sales Agents(广告销售助理)
Compensation, Benefits, and Job Analysis Specialists(薪酬,福利和工作分析专家)
Cost Estimators(成本估算师)
Counseling Psychologists(心理咨询专家)
Demonstrators and Product Promoters(示威者和产品推广者)
Dietetic Technicians(食疗技术员)
Dietitians and Nutritionists(营养师和营养学家)
Directors, Religious Activities and Education(董事,宗教活动和教育)
Driver/Sales Workers(司机/销售人员)
Education Administrators, Postsecondary(教育管理员,高等教育)
Financial Managers, Branch or Department(财务经理,分公司或部门)
First-Line Supervisors of Agricultural Crop and Horticultural Workers(农作物和园艺工人的一线督导员)
First-Line Supervisors of Animal Husbandry and Animal Care Workers(畜牧及动物护理员的一线督导员)
First-Line Supervisors of Food Preparation and Serving Workers(食品制作和服务工人的一线督导员)
First-Line Supervisors of Office and Administrative Support Workers(办公室行政辅助人员的一线督导员)
Food Service Managers(餐饮服务经理)
Graduate Teaching Assistants(研究生教学助理)
Health Educators(健康教育工作者)
Human Resources Managers(人力资源经理)
Industrial Production Managers(工业生产经理)
Insurance Underwriters(保险承包人)
Management Analysts(管理分析师;管理分析员)
Marketing Managers(市场部经理)
Medical and Health Services Managers(医疗卫生服务管理)
Museum Technicians and Conservators(博物馆技术人员和文物保护)
Natural Sciences Managers(自然科学经理)
Nursery and Greenhouse Managers(苗圃和温室经理)
Opticians, Dispensing(配镜师)
Order Clerks(订货登记员)
Park Naturalists(公园博物学家)
Parts Salespersons(零件推销员)
Personal Financial Advisors(个人理财顾问)
Political Scientists(政治科学家)
Postmasters and Mail Superintendents(邮政局长和邮件警司)
Preschool Teachers, Except Special Education(幼儿教师,除特殊教育)
Property, Real Estate, and Community Association Managers(物业,房地产和社区协会经理)
Purchasing Agents, Except Wholesale, Retail, and Farm Products(采购代理,除批发,零售和农产品)
Recreation Workers(娱乐工作人员)
Retail Salespersons(零售人员)
Sales Agents, Financial Services(销售代理,金融服务)
Sales Agents, Securities and Commodities(销售代理,证券及商品)
Sales Representatives, Wholesale and Manufacturing, Except Technical and Scientific Products(销售代表,批发和制造,除了技术及科学产品)
School Psychologists(学校心理学家)
Social and Community Service Managers(社会及社区服务经理)
Social and Human Service Assistants(社会科学和人文服务助理)
Storage and Distribution Managers(仓储和配送经理)
Tax Examiners and Collectors, and Revenue Agents(税务审查员和收藏家,和税务人员)
Tax Preparers(报税编制员)
Teacher Assistants(教师助理)
Technical Writers(技术文档撰写人)
Training and Development Managers(培训与发展经理)
Training and Development Specialists(培训与开发专家)
Treasurers and Controllers(司库及控制器)
Urban and Regional Planners(城市与区域规划师)
Vocational Education Teachers, Postsecondary(职业教育教师,高等教育)
Australian National University(澳洲国立大学)
The University of Melbourne(墨尔本大学)
The University of Sydney(悉尼大学)
The University of Queensland(昆士兰大学)
University of New South Wales(新南威尔士大学)
Monash University(莫纳什大学)
The University of Western Australia(西澳大学)
The University of Adelaide(阿德莱德大学)
Macquarie University(麦考瑞大学)
University of Technology, Sydney(悉尼科技大学)
University of Wollongong(卧龙岗大学)
The Queensland University of Technology(昆士兰科技大学)
Curtin University(科廷大学)
RMIT University(墨尔本皇家理工大学)
University of Newcastle Australia(纽卡斯尔大学(澳大利亚))
Griffith University(格里菲斯大学)
The University of South Australia(南澳大学)
James Cook University(詹姆斯库克大学)
Deakin University(迪肯大学)
La Trobe University(拉筹伯大学)
University of Tasmania(塔斯马尼亚大学)
Bond University(邦德大学)
The Flinders University(弗林德斯大学)
Charles Darwin University(查尔斯达尔文大学)
Swinburne University of Technology(斯威本科技大学)
Murdoch University(莫道克大学)
University of Canberra(堪培拉大学)
University of Western Sydney(西悉尼大学)
University of New England(新英格兰大学)
University of Southern Queensland(南昆士兰大学)
Victoria University(维多利亚大学)
Le Cordon Bleu Australia(澳大利亚蓝带国际学院)
Charles Sturt University(查尔斯特大学)
Southern Cross University(南十字星大学)
Australian Catholic University(澳大利亚天主教大学)
Central Queensland University(中央昆士兰大学)
University of the Sunshine Coast(阳光海岸大学)
University of Ballarat(巴拉瑞特大学)
Edith Cowan University(埃迪斯科文大学)
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